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Stand Table

The timber trestle structure consists of four legs connected by four cross bars. STAND becomes rigid and stable as soon as weight is placed upon them, enabling the trestle to support table tops of all shapes and sizes. No fixings or tools are required to assemble the trestle.


We recommend our elegant white table tops, particle board panels laminated with melamin resin featuring seamless, precisely lasered edges with a thickness of 25 mm. Other tops and sizes can also be used, in materials as diverse as glass, timber or stone.

This very light-weight table answers all your needs in both private and professional environments. You can use it as a timber dining table, as a work desk or as a temporary meeting table. The table top rests on cellular rubber pads partially recessed into the top end of each leg. These ensure safe adhesion between table top and trestle, preventing any sideways slipping in daily use or in the case of impact.


Our table is available in two different sizes. Stand is suitable for dining tables seating 6-8 persons, for large desks or for other purposes such as display for goods. Stand mini lends itself both to smaller work tables and for dining tables seating 4-6 persons.

The trestle is manufactured from solid ash sourced from local forests. To preserve the simple appearance of STAND, its legs and cross bars have not been surface treated. The natural growth pattern of ash results in a wide variety of grain and colour, but overall appearance and usability are not affected. Over time, the wood will take on a natural patina. Ash is not weather-resistant, outdoor use is therefore limited. The trestle is also available in an elegant white stain finish, recommended for environments with a variety of timber finishes and vibrant colours already present.


Display is a bookrest, stand and storage unit all in one. At home and at work, Display collects and keeps important papers and cards in full view on your desk.

Digitalization has only made us less paperless than ever before. Display groups items together by category or keeps them separate - functioning as a three dimensional clipboard for loose papers, writings and books, or as a permanent showcase for memorabilia. Whatever we understand by order, Display offers us the overview and the detail. Or it disappears under its load like a crowded shelf.

The tectonic miniature is made of high-precision milled beech rods, finished in clear, traffic orange or carbon gray lacquer.

The essential characteristics (dimensions, angles, distances) of this original furnishing accessory were determined through experimental iterative modelling: initially conceived as a single cast component, Display’s complex geometry evolved during a long process of prototyping and understanding of user-requirements. The end result is a kit of timber modules in two types, mechanically jointed in the manner of angular tenons. The manufacturing process combines craftsmanship and robotic in a way that is both sustainable and innovative, but also reminiscent of the Erzgebirge wood craft tradition. The barrel lacquering process is derived from pharmaceutical tablet coating technology, now available for non-medical applications and ideal for sharp-edged timber parts.

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